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2020-2021 School Year Information and Updates

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A B Rotation Schedule
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A/B Staggered Schedule: Please note, dates apply unless there is reason to modify the schedule due to conditions caused by COVID-19. 

January 24, 2021


Greetings Panthers,


This is your LMS email update for our twenty-third week of school. We hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Below are some important reminders for the coming weeks and beyond. Have a great week!


High School Registration Process (8th Grade Parents Only):

All current 8th grade students are preparing for their high school experience by choosing their electives and alternates for next school year. There is a very informative video explaining the process linked below as well as a list of electives. This entire process is accessed through Parent Portal. All student core classes (math, science, etc.) have been chosen based upon teacher recommendation and cannot be changed. If you would like to request a change that cannot be altered using Parent Portal please use the link below. Those changes will be provided to the high school and evaluated by their staff if they can be changed. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to our counselors.


Teen Safety Matters Curriculum:

During the 2018 legislative session, Senate Bill 401 was passed which requires public school districts in the state of Georgia to provide annual, age-appropriate sexual abuse and assault awareness and prevention education in grades kindergarten through ninth grade and in-service training for school personnel.


The MBF Teen Safety Matters program includes the topics of bullying, cyberbullying, child abuse, sexual abuse and digital dangers with an emphasis that adults are responsible for children’s safety. The topic of sexual abuse is not an easy topic to have with young children, and the Columbia County School System respects parents and the values that each family holds for their children. To honor this high level of respect, parents will determine if they want their child to be a part of this discussion or if they would prefer to have the discussions at home. Your child’s school counselor and/or health teacher will conduct the lessons at school. All materials that will be used in the classrooms are available for viewing by parents upon request. Please know that the goal of this requirement for our district is to keep children safe.


Letters were sent home with all students on Monday, January 11. If you “DO NOT” want your child to participate in the program, please complete the form and return it to the school prior to the start of the lessons based on the schedule below. Lessons are scheduled to begin according to the following schedule:

  • 6th Grade – January 25-26
  • 7th Grade – February 8-9
  • 8th Grade – February 22-23


Spring Sports Tryouts Information:

  • Baseball: Coach Kent Moore (A-team) kent.moore@ccboe.net; Coach Jonathan Hellyer (B-team) jonathan.hellyer@ccboe.net
    • January 25th: Baseball Tryouts 3:00-4:45pm
    • January 26th: Baseball Tryouts 3:00-4:45pm.
    • January 27th: First Day of practice
  • Soccer: Coach Ashley Snyder  ashley.snyder@ccboe.net
    • January 25th: Girls Tryouts 2:45-4pm
    • January 26th: Boys Tryouts 2:45-4pm
    • January 27th: Roster Posted
    • January 28th: Boys & Girls Practice 2:45-4pm
  • Track: Coach Kay Roland  kay.roland@ccboe.net
    • January 25th: Girls’ Sprinting Events 2:45-4pm
    • January 26th: Boys’ Sprinting Events 2:45-4pm
    • January 27th: Boys’ and Girls’ Distance Events 2:45-4pm
    • January 28th: Boys’ & Girls’ Field Events 2:45-4pm
    • January 29th: First Day of practice 2:45-4pm


Upcoming Important Dates:

  • Progress Reports: February 5
  • Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day: February 12
  • Student/Teacher Holiday: February 15



Jeremy R. Medlin


Lakeside Middle School, Title 1