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Sports & Coaches

LMS Athletics Contacts

Please contact the head coach for information regarding a particular sport.


Athletic Director:  Kay Roland  [email protected]


Baseball:   Varsity Baseball - Kent Moore  [email protected]

                   JV Baseball - Jonathan Hellyer  [email protected]


Basketball:  Kay Roland  [email protected]                                


Cheerleading:  Elizabeth Harley  [email protected]

                          Ashley Snyder  [email protected]


Football:  Football Head Coach - Kent Moore  kent[email protected]

                 Assistant Football Coach - Richardson

                 Assistant Football Coach - Bob Klofenstine [email protected] 


Soccer:   Ashley Snyder  [email protected]


Softball:   Varsity Softball - Amy Cox  [email protected]

                 JV Softball - Tasha Chancey [email protected] 


Tennis:   Timothy Hunter  [email protected] 


Track & Field:   Kay Roland  [email protected]


***6th grade students are eligible to participate in all sports EXCEPT football.***